Search Engine Optimization Milwaukee

When the internet first hit the scene, way back when, it was pretty easy to rank yourself on a
search engine for a keyword, primarily because there wasn’t that much competition. As a business,
all you had to do was built a website, registed it to the search engines and a handful of
online directories, and walla, page one, of Archie, or Alta-Vista (some of the early search engines).

Of course that was also during a time when not many people were online searching for businesses
either. Today, the internet is the number one place that people go to find a business product
or service.

And today, it’s a lot harder to get found online; there are a lot of steps you have to take today
in order to increase the probability that YOUR site will rank above your competition. And that
is where SEO or search engine optimization Milwaukee come’s in.

While there is much mixed debate in the online marketing industry of what seo practices work best,
there are also some pretty straight forward agreed upon strategies that most everyone who calls
themselves an SEO expert can agree upon. Let’s take a look at some best practices for SEO and see
what we can learn.

These SEO tactics are primarily geared towards local businesses attempting to optimize their website
in a local market with a keyword followed by a geographic modifier, or vise versa.
1. Citation listings -Make sure your business comes up in the relevent directory websites.
Some examples of directory sites are:,,,

2. PR Releases -This is a good strategy to build credibility and add backlinks to your seo program.

3. Social Media -It’s important to at least have your profiles set up and linking to your website.

4. Landing Pages -Great for developing niche keywords in local markets, especially with an optimized domain.

5. Website coding -Page titles, meta-descriptions, and meta-keywords should be filled out and specific to
the page content

6. Content -Make sure your content is relevant to the page and also full. You need to deliver good,
keyword rich, content that speaks to your target customer, always keeping in mind that you want to
answer their questions related to your industry. You arethe expert. More content is better.

By now, you should have a decent understanding of what SEO is and how it can help get your business
positioned better on the search engines. You may have some questions on the 6 points that were discussed
above. You can also contact SEO Milwaukee for additional information and to set up a free consultation
with one of our account representatives.